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Glenbard West girls volleyball

2021 Teacher recognition night


Senior Teacher Recognition Night
October 12
vs. Lyons Township


Senior Hannah Biermeister
Alison Witt

"I would like to thank Mrs. Witt for guiding and supporting me these past 3 1/2 years at Glenbard West. Mrs. Witt was my English teacher freshman year and has been my case manager as I navigated high school with a learning disability. When I first met Mrs. Witt as an eighth grader, she told me the next four years would go quickly, and at the end of my high school career, I would be independent and ready for what the future held. I didn’t believe her, and now here I am a senior, applying to colleges, and planning for my future. Mrs. Witt, thank you for always believing in me, pushing me to do well, and always reminding me to never give up. You wouldn’t let me take the easy way out and encouraged me to keep trying when things didn’t go the way I wanted them to. During COVID you continued to check in on me academically and emotionally. When days seemed really hard, I knew I could reach out for guidance. Our check-ins were the push I needed. When I had you in English class we started Mondays with weekend updates. I remember every time we did this we tried to make you talk about your weekend the whole period so we didn’t have to do any other work. But it never worked and you always made us get to work so we could accomplish the class goals. You pushed us to be great writers. Mrs. Witt, you believe in your students and give so much. Thank you for being an inspirational and dedicated teacher. It is said, that a truly amazing teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget. Thank you for being that amazing teacher to me. "

Hannah Beiermeister


Senior Megan Pihlstrom
Pete Mastandrea

"My freshman year, Coach Mastandrea saw potential that I didn’t even see in myself. I had only played one year of club volleyball but he knew I would be able to compete at that level even before I did. I met some of my best friends playing with that team and I owe all of that to him. The volleyball program has given me so much. He’s created an incredible program that I have been blessed to have been apart of. Last year, all the seniors quit. I cried for the entire 24 hours that they quit until Coach convinced them to come back within 24 hours. In the spring, I told Coach (Dan) Scott that I didn’t want to play in the fall. The next day Coach Mastandrea convinced me to stay for my senior season. He obviously knew that i would’ve regretted that decision. He cares about his players more than anyone and this program has been so lucky to have him. He makes Glenbard West volleyball a place that people want to be apart of. Next year, I’ll miss his overused jokes, his constant reminder that i tripped him (just to be clear it was accidentally and he was on the court while we were playing) , his never-ending stories that he swears has something to do with whatever the current situation we’re in is, his use of the word whippersnappers, his confidence in us vs. Hitter Football, his dance moves, and his passion for this team. Thanks for everything coach. "

Megan Pihlstrom

Senior Annika Eskilson
Lifang Tsou Laoshi

"Never taking a language before going into high school, I knew I didnt want to take Spanish, so i decided to sign up for Mandarin. My family and friends were shocked and suprised for why I made the choice to take Mandarin but I wanted something different. Knowing laoshi for the past four years now, I'm glad to say that I'm blessed that I've decided to take this class to then meet laoshi. laoshi is truly one of a kind. The little things she does for her students, such as special cultural Fridays, character drawing packets, endless speaking presentations, her love for feeding us Mandarin cookies and showing us the great culture of China. Laoshi not only taught her students and myself Mandarin, but the power of self dedication and always trying your best. Looking back at my 14-year-old self, I'm proud that she made that initiative to sign up for Mandarin because i would have never gotten the chance to fall in love with the Chinese culture and meet my role model. xiexie ni laoshi."

Annika Eskilson


Senior Nora McDevitt
Christine Giunta-Mayer

"i’ve known Mrs. Mayer since I was five years old when I met her for the first time at St. Pet's. For the past 12 years, she has always been so inspirational and motivating. Mrs. Mayer is by far the most hard-working person I’ve ever met. on the court. She is super intense but the second she steps off the court, Mayer is so caring and fun to be around. I will never forget the night I cried to you in my car after I picked up my little brother from practice. You were so compassionate listening to my dramatic situation that I ranted about for 30 minutes. She’s the type of coach that I know will always be there for me on and off the court. I’ve learned so many lessons from you whether that be learning CPR in seventh grade, playing defense, or how to be the best version of myself. You’ve helped me grow so much as a student and athlete and a person. I feel so incredibly lucky to have known you for the past 12 years and am beyond thankful for everything you have done for me and this program. Love you Mayer."

Nora McDevitt


Senior Makayla Webber
Dave Voland

"I would like to thank Mr. Voland for guiding and supporting me the past two semesters that i’ve had him for gym. Gym class is most definitely not my favorite but having Mr. Voland as my teacher has made that period much more enjoyable. He is one of the few teachers I’ve had that genuinely care for his students and always want the best for them. He continuously talks about how he wants our class to exercise for the main purpose of having better mental health. Last week at the end of the period he came up to me and asked if everything was okay because i seemed sad, which really meant a lot and showed how much he cares about everyone. He goes out of his way to make a more personal connection with each of his students and constantly goes up to different students throughout the period to talk to them about things not gym related. He is always sure to ask me about how volleyball is going and how we do at each one of our games. Even though he yells at me for not wearing gym shoes everyday, I know he means well, and once again I would like to say thank you."

Makayla Webber


Senior Isabel Tracy
Jon Schweighardt

"My sophomore year Shwags was my gym teacher. I didn’t take the leadership gym class so we were together all year, until everything shut down that is. Shawgs is by far one of the most caring teacher at this school always making sure everyone feels included in gym and in general. It seems kind of hard to get a bunch of high school kids excited to play sports in the middle of their school day but somehow you are able to do it!!  He’s the kind of guy to cheer you on if you have a 2-minute or 30-minute mile. He always made sure everything was going well, in school, in sports and just in life. Shwags always had the best and most competitive games. I would look forward to coming to gym sophomore year. He’s one of the most hardworking, dedicated, and overachieving persons I know (coming to this function 30 minutes early). Thanks for making gym enjoyable everyday except for cardio days (just kidding). Thanks for always saying hi and asking how I am whenever we run into each other around school. I truly miss sophomore year gym class. Thanks for being the best."

Isabel Tracy