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Glenbard West girls volleyball

2016 Teacher recognition night

Senior Teacher Recognition Night
September 22 vs. Joliet Catholic
(All photos courtesy of Chris Wagner)


Senior Rachel Hoder
Tim Hoder, Special Education department

"Although I have never had Mr. Hoder as a teacher in a class, he is one of my favorite faculty members. Besides being the best dad, there are many reasons to honor you tonight. Most of the things you do for the volleyball team go unnoticed. He spends many hours managing our team’s training in the weight room and getting us pumped to compete. All of these things may seem little at the time, but without you we wouldn’t be as successful as we are each other. Besides volleyball, there is no doubt you have been my biggest supporter and greatest mentor. Thank you for teaching me about working hard, staying positive and always being the best you can be. Most people love to have you as their teacher, but I got lucky enough to have you as both my teacher and my dad."

Rachel Hoder


Senior Gabi Marquez
Joe Kain, Athletic Director

"The person I would like to talk about tonight is Mr. Kain. Although I was here as a freshman, I had moved away for the past two years. Not only did he help me get used to being back but he did whatever he could to ensure I was once again involved in this program. So I’d like to say thank you for making the adjustment a little bit easier and senior year that much more fun. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same without the team. Not only am I thankful but the team also appreciates all you do, especially not only for making this year memorable but for being a wonderful athletic director!"

Gabi Marquez


Senior Ella Ridinger
Daniel Kim, Science department

"I had Mr. Kim at the end of the day last year. It was such a fun time and I always looked forward to it. He always made it such a fun time because there was always music playing. We played extra credit Kahoots that made learning the material much more fun. He helped me grow throughout the year and I learned so much more than just physics. Thanks so much Mr. Kim. I’ll never forget that class."

Ella Ridinger


Senior Claire Wagner
Christine Giunta-Mayer, Girls volleyball sophomore coach

"You may know her as the women that runs Sunset Pool, or a teacher at St. Pets, or the cheer coach, or the sophomore girls volleyball coach or the person that has led the boys volleyball team to many state titles. I know Mrs. Mayer as a mother, a swim teacher, health teacher, volleyball coach, but mostly I know her as the strongest and most courageous woman that consistently does the impossible. She has gone through so much and only becomes a stronger person from anything that stands in her way. She has the ability to grab anyone's attention at any point in time and light a spark in them once she starts to speak (or yell). She inspires everybody every day, not only through her words of wisdom but the passion she portrays for everything she is involved in. She has honestly given me pep talks that have made me convince myself that I can run through a brick wall. Mrs. Mayer has been a mentor, friend, and sometimes mom to me since kindergarten. She has acted as a mother to countless students and athletes throughout the community and I am so incredibly happy she now has two children of her own that are so lucky to have her. Mrs. Mayer is not someone that watches people succeed. She is the person that constantly makes success happen, all due to her commitment to hard work and her care for others. Although she might be one of the most intimidating people I've ever met, especially when she's mad at me, I'll always know that I can come to her with anything and she will be there for me. I have been lucky enough to have her a part of my life for over 13 years and I will never forget the mark she has made on my life. Thank you so much for showing me how to have the passion and determination that is required to succeed and for shaping me into the player and person I am today."

Claire Wagner


Senior Bailey Wallace
Anne Krol, World Languages department

"I first had Prof Krol as my second period, Spanish 2 teacher freshman year. I never really liked Spanish in junior high, but once Prof Krol taught me that learning a different language is fun and exciting, it became one of my favorite classes that year. She always had fun games to play that went alongside the vocabulary that made it easy to learn. Even though I didn't have her as a teacher my sophomore or junior year, she always made an effort to say hi in the hallways and ask how I was doing. Last year, my sister and I went on the Spanish spring break trip to Costa Rica and we were lucky enough to have her as our group leader. From the start, she put us in front of herself from giving us snacks to making sure everything was always right. The whole week she had a positive attitude that made the trip that much more enjoyable. Even when we were playing beach volleyball at one of our hotels and we weren’t doing so hot, she kept encouraging us and making our team laugh. If I didn’t have her as my Spanish teacher freshman year, my love for Spanish wouldn't be what it is today. Thank you Prof Krol!"

Bailey Wallace