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Glenbard West girls volleyball

Teacher recognition night

Senior Teacher Recognition Night
October 3 vs. Morton
(All photos courtesy of Chris Wagner)
(All videos courtesy of Randy Ball)

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Senior Caroline Jenkins
Daniel Scott, Science department

"Coming into freshman year I had no idea what to expect playing volleyball at Glenbard West, yet I was lucky enough to play on the sophomore team with Coach Scott. As a 14 year old awkward girl, I was extremely nervous to have him from what stories I had been told as well as being the only freshman on the team. But I can honestly say having him as a coach my freshman and sophomore year made him the player I am today. Not only did Coach Scott coach me, but I had him for physics junior year and I will have him for astronomy second semester of my senior year (which I can’t wait for).  Yes that’s four years that he gets to have of me.  Not only did he prepare me for the next level of volleyball, but prepared me for future years of hard work. From running with a ball over my head, to what felt like hours of wall sits, then physics labs the next year, I will never forget any of it (especially the physics lab struggles). I can look at him during any game for direction and he always has something for me. Although you continue to question why I keep coming back because it feels like I have been here for way more than four years, I promise this is it. Thank you Coach Scott for everything you have done for me these past four years."

Caroline Jenkins

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Senior Meg DeMaar 
Kyle Nugent, Science department

"Ever since my freshman year, I knew exactly who I wanted to use for my faculty appreciation night. Don't get me wrong. I've had great teachers every year, but none were able to compare to my freshman bio teacher Mr. Nugent.
     My freshman bio class was very diverse and unique. Most teachers would have had a very hard time dealing with the many strong personalities in that class, but not Mr. Nugent. He was able to break up fights between screaming girls, deal with a very unfocused, distracting junior, and still manage to teach us bio.
     Almost every morning Nuge would have a hilarious story to share with us. Whether it was about his frog breeding or just something embarrassing that happened to him, it always upt all us students in a good mood.
     Whenever I got behind in class or didn't understand something, Mr. Nugent was always willing to work with me. He went above and beyond to help everyone be successful.
     It wasn't only my class and me who Mr. Nugent made feel extra special. He has the ability to connect and work with all different types of people. All the freshmen who had him for bio loved it, and all those who didn't have him wished they did. He made the class extremely interesting and exciting. It soon became the class I looked forward to most each day. I actually enjoyed learning biology. I loved it so much that I decided to take AP Bio this year, and let me tell you, it's nowhere near the same without Mr. Nugent as my teacher.
     Nuge, thank you so much for being a great teacher. You've positively impacted the lives of many, many students in this school. You're the best." 

Meg DeMaar

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Senior Caroline Leland
Patrick McCluskey, Mathematics department

"Although this is my first semester having him, it didn't take long to realize how influential of a teacher he is. I really admire that Mr. McCluskey is unlike any other teacher I’ve had. He reaches out to each and every student, making everyone feel welcome in class.  He makes a great effort to not just send students off with Probs and Stats on their mind, but with advice about life and how to be a better person, which is in my opinion a lot more beneficial. He's had such a great impact on a countless number of students; it'd be difficult not to admire his character and his outlook on life.  I really appreciate everything Mr. McCluskey does for his students; he honestly makes school a more bearable place to be."

Caroline Leland

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Senior Abby Winkler
Kyle Neiss, English department

“It was late May when I transferred to Glenbard West. Transferring at the end of my junior year was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make even though it was for all the right reasons. Yes, I know it was pretty crazy, but so far, I don’t regret a thing. Walking up to the school on my first day was the most terrifying thing I have ever done. Now to give you some perspective, St. Francis was one hallway…Glenbard West has like a lot more than that…needless to say, I was kind of freaking out.
     My very first class was English with Mr. Neiss all the way up in the tower. I remember everyone looking at me as I walked into the room. I was officially the ‘new girl.’ I walked up to Mr. Neiss, put on my confident face, and introduced myself. He was so nice and welcoming to me. He had heard about my ‘situation’ and was more than willing to help me out with anything that I needed.
Throughout the course of the next few weeks, Mr. Neiss would always take some time to chat with me before class to be sure everything was going alright.  The class was in the middle of reading ‘The Things They Carried’ by Tim O’Brien. If you have never read this book, it’s a collection of stories told by O’Brien about his time in Vietnam. I was blown away by how in depth Mr. Neiss was going into the book. He took his time with the reading and even showed us videos about the war in Vietman. I could tell he truly cared about his students and wanted them to succeed in his class. I’m going to sound like a complete nerd, but I actually wish I transferred earlier so I could’ve been in his class longer. He made class enjoyable. He was lively and excited to teach each day, and I know this sounds crazy, but after a while I didn’t mind walking up a million and one stairs at 7:40 in the morning to get to class because I actually liked being there. I have always had a love for English, and being in Mr. Neiss’ class only helped to strengthen that.
I cannot thank him enough for being so kind and understanding during my, like, three weeks at Glenbard West last year. For him to have made such an impression in such a short amount of time must speak wonders to his character and his love for teaching. It is truly remarkable what someone’s small act of kindness can do for another person. Thank you, Mr. Neiss and I wish you all the best the remainder of the school year."

 Abby Winkler

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Senior Katie Ball
John Sigmund, Physical Education department

"Mr. Sigmund has an unlimited amount of encouragement and optimism and every day when I walk into his class, his uplifting spirit brightens my day. The first time I ever stepped foot onto the platform of the high ropes course, I had no idea how I was even going to take my first step on the course. Hearing Mr. Sigmund’s positive encouragement from what looked like a mile below me, gave me enough courage to take my first step. I somehow managed to make it around the course, continuing to replay Mr. Sigmund’s advice the entire time. Mr. Sigmund was there for me and will always be there for each and every one of his students. He has such a big heart and I am so lucky to have him for the third semester in a row."

 Katie Ball

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