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Glenbard West girls volleyball

2019 Teacher recognition night

Senior Teacher Recognition Night
October 8 vs. Oak Park-River Forest

Senior Caroline Casey
David Gucciardi

"Tonight I’d like to honor Mr. Gucciardi. While Mr. Gucciardi teaches many different subjects, I was lucky to be in one of his art classes. On the first day of class we bonded over leopard geckos and the conversation ended with him almost agreeing to adopt my lizard. Mr. Gucciardi was a very patient person, especially when he was teaching me how to make an 8-inch coil pot out of clay. Coming into high school, I had never thought that I would have enjoyed an art class as much as I loved eighth-period Ceramics 1. Mr. Gucciardi helped me to discover some artistic talent that I never knew I had. I loved ending my day creating something rather than cramming my brain with facts. He truly made ceramics one of my favorite classes here at West simply because of the positive attitude he displayed every day. He never got angry, even when a project would explode. He was always encouraging, even about my questionable project ideas. And he was constantly making jokes to brighten up our day. Mr. Gucciardi has taught me numerous life lessons within one semester of ceramics and I am ever so grateful to be able to share a little about him with you today. He is an amazing role model and I hope that I can be as patient and giving as he is one day."

Caroline Casey

Senior Emma Ohrnstein
Kyle Neiss

"The first time I met Mr. Neiss was last year in AP English. I had just walked from the second floor science wing all the way to the tower, and let me just tell you, I could not breathe. He looked at me and said, ‘You don’t need to act like you’re not out of breath. It’s okay. It happens to everyone.’ And I think that is the perfect representation of Mr Neiss. He does not ask you to be anything but yourself. In senior comp with you, I genuinely feel like I can be my complete weird self, and I don’t have to worry about being judged or made fun of. Mr. Neiss truly lives up to his name. He is kind, compassionate, caring, and thoughtful. He truly cares about all his students and wants nothing but for them to succeed. He radiates kindness and having baby sat his kids, I can say he has truly projected his traits onto his children. The first time I met his oldest son, I was greeted with a formal handshake. Mr Neiss made even the most boring things interesting. No offense, but I never would have expected to actually enjoy reading Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Thank you for radiating kindness and positive energy every day. You truly inspire me to be a better person."

Emma Ohrnstein

Senior Maeve Loftus
Daniel Kim

"I would like to thank and honor Mr. Kim for all that he has done for me at Glenbard West. He has been such an influential teacher in my life. He has not only made me a better student, but a better person too. I remember showing my junior year schedule to my friends and all of them saying how lucky I am to have Mr. Kim as a teacher. Every single thing I heard about Mr. Kim was positive. Last year I always looked forward to going to Mr. Kim’s class. He always had such a positive attitude in the morning, which made my day so much more enjoyable. Although, I remember not understanding how he could be so happy every single day at 9 a.m. in the morning. My favorite memory of Mr. Kim is when I accidentally called him ‘Mom’ and he actually responded to it. I remember he thought it was so funny and now we constantly joke about it. So thank you Mr. Kim for having such a positive impact on my life and for being such a remarkable role model."

Maeve Loftus

Senior Riley Krudop
Eric Lindberg

"For Faculty Night this year, I have chosen to honor Mr. Lindberg. At West, Mr. Lindberg teaches honors biology and AP Environmental Science (or APES) and is the sponsor for our school's Eco Club. I first met Mr. Lindberg during my sophomore year while taking APES and immediately connected with him. Mr. Lindberg is a funny, caring, and enthusiastic teacher who is so passionate about what he teaches. Mr. Lindberg’s passion for the environment both inside the classroom and during eco-club is so inspiring, especially today where environmental issues such as climate change have become a relevant topic on a global scale. I am so thankful to have met Mr. Lindberg during my high school career because not only did he inspire me to major in Environmental Science, but also his constant his positivity and his enthusiasm for the environment are contagious and make a difference here at West."

Riley Krudop

Senior Katie Langan
Christine Giunta-Mayer, Girls volleyball varsity assistant coach

"As many of you already know, Glenbard West volleyball is blessed with amazing coaching staff that dedicates all their time to us each day, week and season. One being Mrs. Mayer. Since I was a little fifth grader at St. Michael’s, I remember seeing Mrs. Mayer everywhere. I knew I was at St Pet’s when I heard her yelling before I even walked down to the gym. Not gonna lie- I was a little scared of you at first. But little did I know the immense impact you would have on my life in upcoming years. Especially with volleyball. Coach, you have not only been someone who I look up to on the court, but off, too. You have taught me to fight through anything - even playing in a tournament my sophomore year (with what was soon to be known) a torn labrum, but don't worry everyone - she let me underhand serve. Your passion for the game is contagious and grew inside of me when I first started playing for you, and it has only grown since. I cannot thank you enough for sharing all you know with me and for never giving up on me. If it weren’t for you, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. You continue to motivate me each day and have come to be one of my best friends that I will forever admire. Thank you for the endless laughs and occasional yells. But it’s OK ever since you told me to never listen about how you’re saying things to me, just what you’re saying. Love you Mayer!"

Katie Langan

Senior Anna Sear
Tina Shah

"I have always considered myself a STEM student. I love math and I’m on STEM club board, but it wasn’t until Mrs. Shah’s English class last year that I fully let myself appreciate a different subject. I’m still not a bookworm, but Mrs. Shah showed me the value and pleasure in both reading and writing. While I thoroughly enjoyed researching vaccines, reading ‘Catcher in the Rye,’ and making a fake political campaign as to why I would be an excellent English teacher, Mrs. Shah brought something unique to our class. She transformed our classroom of unfamiliar students into a community of trust and friendship. She excelled in offering advice, both academic and personal, and she never failed to make her class my outlet from the everyday stresses of junior year. Unless maybe I had 45 minutes to write a rhetorical analysis summative essay, AP Lang was the highlight of my day, every day. So, Mrs. Shah, thanks for teaching me all about rhetoric and argument, for editing and critiquing all of my essays, until about a week and a half ago, and for teaching me to love something new. It’s such an honor to even get to stand here and honor you as one of my favorite teachers. "

Anna Sear

Senior Virginia Curtis