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Glenbard West girls volleyball

2018 Teacher recognition night

Senior Teacher Recognition Night
October 2 vs. Hinsdale Central
(All event photos courtesy of Jim Ryan)


Senior Sophie Alles
Beth Wiersum, English department

"Hi Mrs. Wiersum! AP English Language was my favorite class last year, largely because of you! I felt that my writing hugely improved, that I was truly pushed to achieve my potential and grew in my skills as a result. I loved how you incorporated things like exemplars and student of the yesterday into the class, as I always felt special and appreciated seeing my work on the screen! Our class discussions were always something to look forward to, hearing new perspectives and getting to share my own ideas was legitimately fun, and having my arguments challenged or reformed by others allowed me to strengthen them and grow in my ability to communicate my thoughts. I felt comfortable with my classmates and especially close with you. I knew you were always there for me and that your advice to me was genuine and for my benefit. You were, and are, a cheerleader and mentor for me, and I am grateful for your support and knowledge. One specific event from your class which stands out to me would be my Gatsby mandala project. I loved how you taught the novel and how the project combined that knowledge with creativity, allowing me to use my art skills to communicate my thoughts on the book's symbolism, especially regarding Daisy and flowers, in a unique yet effective way. After I finished the project you used it as an exemplar and complimented me on my work, which made me feel proud and honored that my effort was noticed. Another memorable event would be after prom, when I sent you photos from the dance. The genuine compliments you gave me and care you displayed for my personal life meant so much to me. Every chat we had about boys or friends or college plans was a highlight of that day, and every time you hugged me in the hall or praised my accomplishments filled me with joy. I truly appreciate not only what I have learned from you, but also the love and care you have shown me during some of the most stressful years of my life. Having you as my English teacher truly changed my life for the better."

Sophie Alles


Senior Lucy Brizzolara
Ruby Puorto, Math department

"I remember on the first day of school last year, a student said, ‘If we do any math today, I’m dropping the class.’ Unfortunately for him, we had a worksheet and the next day his desk was empty, although I felt like that at times. I’m happy to say I stuck with it and have some great memories from class. First semester, having pre-Calculus eighth period was nowhere near ideal, but with Sophie and Katie in class with me, we had some pretty fun times, from sneaky little devil to fiesta Fridays, we always had something to laugh about. Second semester, I made sure that I had you as my teacher again not only because of how delightful you made class but also because of your unending patience and enthusiasm. Because of your positive attitude I always left class in a better mood than going in. Although you would never play ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ for Ananda and me, we still had a wonderful time in class."

Lucy Brizzolara


Senior Nina Crawford
Eric Lindberg, Science department

"Sadly Mr. Lindberg could not be here tonight as he is currently driving his daughter to dance class. Yes, he is a dance dad. Fortunately enough, however, he has been present for some of the other most important stages of my life. I remember walking in first day of freshman year into my biology honors class, braces and all, and wondering if this bald guy was going to be any nice. Over the past four years, my hypothesis was supported (see I did learn something in Bio), Mr. Lindberg was and still is a very genuine teacher. Not only is he nice and let me eat Cheerios in class, but he made my learning an exploration a priority. Under Mr. Lindberg’s guidance, I developed a passion for environment. Not only did he inspire me, he helped me pursue this passion through mentoring me through Eco-club making Apes, fascinating and modern, guiding me in private research about ducks and letting me take Igor, the pet tortoise, out for walks. I will never forget what Mr. Lindberg has done for me as a student, an environmentalist, and most importantly, a human being. In 50 years, when I’m telling my grandchildren and 42 dogs stories about being an environmental and compassionate individual, I won’t fail to mention Mr. Lindberg."

Nina Crawford


Senior Kaitlyn DuMerer
Margaret O'Connor, English department

"I knew from the very first day of class last year that it would be a class I would never forget. Even though our class was crazy, especially me, you still managed to put up with us every day. One day when I was sick, our class put nominations in for leadership roles for the year. Even though I wasn’t in class that day, you still managed to nominate me for class president, and for some weird reason I ended up winning. That day in class when you nominated me for class president, it was really special to me because I never had a teacher go out of their way to include me like that, especially since we barely knew each other at the time. Next, when you first told me about Operation One World, I could tell how much you loved this club and all of the English Learning Students in it. I’m so glad that you wanted to share something that you loved with me. It has taught me so many valuable lessons that I couldn’t be more thankful for. In addition, you have not only been an amazing teacher but an awesome role model and friend. You have been there for me whenever I needed a hand or someone to talk to and I’m so glad that you were able to be my teacher and mentor last year. Thank you so much for putting up with all my sassiness, teasing, and craziness. I will miss you next year."

Katilyn DuMerer


Senior Ellory Graff
Christine Giunta-Mayer, Girls volleyball sophomore coach

"Guinta, you are the best teacher, coach, and role model I could ask for. You have made a big impact on my life, starting all the way back when I was a little kindergartener walking through the doors of St. Pets all the way through my high school career. You have taught me never give up and that everything in life is earned through hard work and dedication. Thank you for being by my side every step of the way and never giving up on me. When I think back to my years at St. Pets you taught me to believe in myself. When I struggled in school or volleyball you were always there with positive, encouraging words! And if I was just having a bad day, all you had to do was open THE drawer of candy and it made everything better! Through my high school years you were always there pushing me to be my best! Through your motivational speeches and quotes you guided me to be a leader both on and off the court. You taught me to not only try and be the best athlete I can be, but also the best PERSON I can be. High school comes and goes, and all the events with it. But having someone that impacts your life for the past 12 years like you have is something that will last a LIFETIME! You are one of the strongest people I know. Your energy and enthusiasm for life is something that I hope to emulate. You are the true definition of a mentor. We’ve had so many memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. I am going to miss you so much next year. But I know that I can always count on you being there for me! Thank you for being my coach Thank you for being my teacher Thank you for being a positive role model for me."

Ellory Graff


Senior Ananda Patterson
Michael Skowronski, Physical Education department

"Bill Stone still is chasing down my speech, which I gave afterwards to Mr. Skowronski, but hopefully it will be posted quite soon!"

Ananda Patterson

Senior Night photo courtesy of GWGirlsVB.com staff

Senior Katie Ryan
Pete Mastandrea, Girls volleyball varsity coach

"He is known by many names, whether it’s coach, grandpa, All-American, dad, commish, but we know him as Coach Pete. Everyday you come into practice with a smile on your face and after a long day it’s something we all look forward to on and off the court. You have shown us what true selflessness is. You never fail to give us your all, even when obligations remain prevalent. Your guidance and lessons go far beyond just volleyball, whether it’s good sportsmanship or how to politely reject a boy for Homecoming, I love our inside jokes and being sarcastic and never fails to brighten my mood even when I’m angry. We are so lucky to have a coach that supports us through all of the ups and downs. I truly doubt any other coach gets their libero a jersey in every color of the rainbow. We are so insanely grateful for you every single day and will not forget to invite you to our weddings."

Katie Ryan