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Glenbard West girls volleyball

2015 Teacher recognition night

Senior Teacher Recognition Night
October 1 vs. Morton
(All photos courtesy of Chris Wagner)


Senior Emily Mosher
Robert Nero, Business department

"I had Mr. Nero the first class that I ever took at Glenbard West. Freshman year, I had Java computer programming first period. Walking in, I was intimidated and the only girl in the entire class. To make matters worse, I did not take the pre-requisite class to Java. However, from day one Mr. Nero made me feel confident even though I was extremely shy and didn’t know what I was doing. I thought about dropping the class and Mr. Nero assured me I’d be absolutely fine, and I was. He helped me through every assignment and answered every question I had and made sure I understood what I was doing. This year, when I got my schedule and found out that I had Mr. Nero for consumer management, I was so happy. In the classroom, Mr. Nero encourages confidence and bring out the true personalities of people. No one is afraid to be who they are in his class because he makes everyone feel equal. He makes sure everyone understands before moving on, unlike a lot of teachers, and constantly checks to see where everyone’s at in the lesson. It’s like everyone is always on the same page, and I really enjoy that in a classroom environment. Also, Mr. Nero’s personality goes a very long way. He’s always upbeat and smiling and has always inspired me to be energetic even if I’m having a bad day. He’s always positive and has a positive outlook on everything. I’ve never heard him say anything negative and that causes me to see the good in everything. I have him eighth period and even then he’s smiling and cracking jokes. It makes my day and pushes me to pay attention. It’s crazy to think that I literally began high school with his class, and at the end of this year, I’m ending high school with his class. I’m proud to say that Mr. Nero is my favorite teacher. I look up to him very much."

Emily Mosher


Senior Kate Wagner
Chris Gladish, School Counseling Assistant

"Although not technically one of my teachers, I’ve been thankful to have Mrs. Gladish these past two years as a mentor, friend and someone I could to for anything at any time. Most people do not realize all the things Mrs. Gladish does, but I have seen it – the millions of things done to make sure Homecoming goes smoothly, all the planning and behind-the-scenes work for Prom and many other things for all the school events. Working with Mrs. Gladish on Homecoming and Prom was so much fun and something I’ll never forget from high school. Learning how to manage my time a little bit better and getting things done early were some of the many things I’ve learned throughout these times, but also being positive when things might not go the way they are planned is something Mrs. Gladish shows every day. I’ve been lucky to be able to see and appreciate all the hard work Mrs. Gladish does to make West a better place and will miss having you next year."

Kate Wagner


Senior Quiana Ware
Pete Mastandrea, Physical Education department


Senior Mariana Galiga
Joe Kocinski, Mathematics department

"I had Mr. Kocinski my freshman year for Geometry. I remember always looking forward to that class because even though it was last period and we were all eagerly waiting to get out of school, Mr. K made the time enjoyable. While we worked, he would play a variety of music for us to listen to, ranging from hit pop to throwback Disney songs. He motivated us by telling us he would do a back flip if everyone got an A on the test and would occasionally do a handstand on the desk. He let Anna Stephan and I make a countdown to summer on the board, even though it was only spring break when we started. Anytime I needed help, he would always be there in the morning or afterschool without hesitation. Although I haven’t had Mr. K as a teacher in three years, he always seems happy to see me in the hallway and always asks me how I’m doing. I am so lucky to have had a teacher like Mr. Kocinski in my life! Thank you for all that you do!"

Mariana Galiga


Senior Emily McLaughlin
Daniel Scott, Science department

"Coach Scott. I don’t know where to start. You’ve been my coach for the past four years and my teacher for two different classes. I can’t begin to ever thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. You have made a huge contribution toward molding me into the athlete I am today. Thank you especially for welcoming me into this program as a freshman on your sophomore team. That was such an important step in helping me achieve my goal of playing in college. You have taught me so much both as a teacher and a coach. I am now much more aware of the world and how the sciences affect everything in our world, and because of you, I am much more interested in the universe and all of the amazing things that happen within it. Thank you for all that you do for our school and for its volleyball program. You are by far one of the best teachers and one of the best coaches in our school. I am so glad that I got to have a teacher and a coach like you."

Emily McLaughlin


Senior Kaitlyn Ohrnstein
Sean Byrne, Science department

"Although I only had Mr. Byrne for one semester of Physics, I got to know him well and truly feel that all of his hard work and genuine passion for what he does deserves to be recognized. I had Mr. Byrne for first period Physics last year, and he never failed to crack a few jokes that my class wouldn’t laugh at because it was too early. Thanks for trying anyways. The short few months I was able to be taught by such an amazing teacher were truly appreciated. I wouldn’t have wanted to start the day off any differently. You somehow always managed to keep it interesting. Thanks for everything that you did for me and continue to do for each one of your students. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Mr. Byrne’s outgoing and caring personality makes everyone feel important and welcomed. Thank you!"

Kaitlyn Ohrnstein


Senior Natalie Schilling
Mark Staron, Social Studies department

"Mr. Staron was my World History teacher freshman year and although it has been a little over two years since I have been in his class, I still consider him my favorite teacher for many reasons. It is very hard to find a teacher that is both challenging and fun at the same time. Mr. Staron pushed me to be the best student I could be and taught me many valuable lessons about studying and working hard that I have carried with me throughout high school. However, it is a miracle I don’t resent him for convincing me to take Euro. Some of my favorite memories from school freshman year happened in Mr. Staron’s classroom -- some of the most memorable being when he let Kate and me perform a duet before class and when he terrified me by showing seemingly legitimate videos about the world ending the week before December 12, 2012. Thank you Mr. Staron for making me a better student and being part of my high school experience!"

Natalie Schilling